Sentences that should not begin with “Yay”

  1. Yay, I have dysteria.
  2. Yay, the milks gone sour.
  3. Yay, I forgot to DVR Greys Anatomy.
  4. Yay, my brother just eloped with my girlfriend.
  5. Yay. that rhinoceros just damaged my car.
  6. Yay, I put someone else’s name on my perfect score ACT test.
  7. Yay, I burnt the pizza.
  8. Yay, I missed.
  9. Yay, my pants ripped.
  10. Yay, the leprechaun escaped.
  11. Yay, I dropped my toothbrush in the toilet.
  12. Yay, I left a no hitter in the first inning.
  13. Yay, I ate a salad.
  14. Yay, I ate two salads.
  15. Yay, I get to get more shots.
  16. Yay, this bedroom is covered in pictures of Edward Cullen.
  17. Yay, I get to work on Christmas.
  18. Yay, my flight was delayed two more hours.
  19. Yay, more bills.
  20. Yay, the global economy has taken another turn for the worst based upon risky investment practices.
  21. Yay, I slipped on the ice.
  22. Yay, someone stole my hubcaps.
  23. Yay, we get to watch the Notebook again tonight.
  24. Yay, my socks are wet.
  25. Yay, traffic on my commute.
  26. Yay, my hard drive just corrupted.
  27. Yay, my stalker ex girlfriend just escaped prison.
  28. Yay, my oxen just died on Oregon Trails.
  29. Yay, I get to go to the dentist and they are out of stickers.
  30. Yay, pretty sure I just accidentally joined a cult.
  31. Yay, someone ate my leftover Stromboli.
  32. Yay, another term paper.
  33. Yay, I’m allergic to cheese.
  34. Yay, a bee sting.
  35. Yay, another chain email that makes me fall asleep looking over my shoulder to see if a mutant clown is going to hunt me down since I didn’t forward the email out to 14 of my friends.
  36. Yay, my sink is overflowing.
  37. Yay, I stubbed my toe.
  38. Yay, someone drew on my face.
  39. Yay, I’m out of toilet paper.
  40. Yay, there is a line for the bathroom.
  41. Yay, this restaurant only serves Vio.
  42. Yay, Joan Cusack is in this.
  43. Yay, they are splitting the last chapter of Twilight into three more feature length films… in 3D.
  44. Yay, they wrote this note in glitter.
  45. Yay, they used salt instead of sugar.
  46. Yay, bear tracks.
  47. Yay, this house doesn’t have any secret passageways.
  48. Yay, laser tag is banned in this state.
  49. Yay, they are having a two for one special on plungers.
  50. Yay, it’s the first Monday of the year.