The Challenge

 calendar is built around reminding a person of what is important to him or her.  From the very day we are born we are given a special day out of the entire year to celebrate us- our birthday.  From anniversaries to national holidays to the sticker that reminds us what day to get our oil changed in our cars, almost every day of our lives has a special meaning attached to it.  In the constant quest to add more meaning to our lives, days have been assigned holidays that started as sincere as birthdays and have gotten as crazy as National Donut Day (always the first Friday in June).  After celebrating one of these national holidays in February with a couple of friends [Q and A] and some delicious tortilla soup, I made a decision.  For the month of March, I would celebrate all of the crazy, sincere, and down right strange holidays I can without missing a single day.  Q, A and I also decided that I would keep track of the month’s adventures here.  After much deliberation, here are my self-imposed rules for the month.

The Rules

  1. I must celebrate at least one of the national holidays that fall on every day of the month
  2. Since March is also a “National Month of _____” and has “National Weeks of ______” I am allowed to make up to 3 substitutions.  For example if March 15th is “National Be Really Boring and Do Nothing Interesting or Fun Day,”  I could instead pull the substitution and celebrate “Return Borrowed Books Week.”
  3. I can do no more than 5 holidays related to food.  This will force me to do days that involve activities.
  4. My overall budget for the month is $100.
  5. Everything must be cataloged and recorded on the blog or it never happened

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