Brrrr… It’s Cold In Here

Today I found out that sitting is bad for you.  Even if you exercise afterwards, you cannot counteract the bad effects of sitting on your body as they slowly add up.  I was going to attempt to write this entire blog post standing up but then I thought better of it.  I guess I will just have to risk my life to bring you tonight’s post!

There is one thing that Batman never understood but Mr. Freeze got right.  Sometimes freezing things is the best way.  While I would suggest stopping at ice cubes and select frozen foods and not trying to freeze entire cities with the people still in them like Mr. Freeze, this has got to be a holiday created in part just for him.  Happy Frozen Food Day, Mr. Freeze.

When I think of how frozen food was when I was a kid, my mind immediately goes to hearing that cheesy tune followed by bursting in to a head long sprint toward the ice cream truck no matter how far away it was.  When you were chasing down the ice cream truck, normal rules no longer applied to you.  If you were required to stay within eye range of your parents, you could now put entire houses in between you and your mother.  If you had to look both ways before you crossed a busy street, the cars would now screech on their brakes to echo the fanfare of your quest for sugar.  If you were too deathly ill to go to school, you suddenly were stronger than Superman on steroids (which would have to be swallowed since normal needles could not pierce his skin) and could carry your entire sick bed with you if that is what it took to reach the promise land.

When I think of frozen food now, I no longer think I am above the law or start doing somersaults in the freezer section of my grocery store, but I do still find some deep pleasure in walking through the magical aisles of prepared, just reheat food as though the greatest food items are contained behind the glass walls.  Some of the most delicious foods still come in the frozen food section, but there are healthy alternatives now too.  Living as a bachelor in DC, I know that I probably keep the frozen vegetable market in business because they are usable so much longer than their fresh food section cousins.

Before food could be frozen, everything was heavily salted to help it last longer.  Thankfully, Clarence Birdseye (I love his name) in 1924 developed the quick freezing technique that we use today.  Coupled with the invention of the refrigerator (or dry ice for the ice cream man) the era of frozen food was born.  As TV dinners began to replace Mom’s Family Tradition Pot Roast, the world of food entered yet a new dimension, the final frontier.  Still one of the problems with many frozen foods today is the salt content as it is very high.  Am I mistaken or wasn’t it the idea of freezing food that was supposed to reduce the use of salt on food?

Despite the problems, there are so many perks to frozen food including the easiness of grabbing an entire meal out of the freezer for lunch has saved me from being late on more days than I would care to relate.  You can even have food made elsewhere in the world shipped directly to you just waiting to be reheated and enjoyed.  Frozen food is here to stay and that is a good thing.  I am Matt, and I support this message.

In honor of the holiday, I tried to only eat frozen foods and liquids throughout the day.  Take a look at how my meals went…

Today is another holiday.  It is also Unique Name’s Day.  There is no one that knows unique names like celebrities…

Why do celebrities really choose these names?  I have no clue.  I do not think I have ever gone somewhere without someone saying “Oh I know another ___.”  Clearly, I am on Team Normal Name and I kind of like it that way.

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