Here, Here for International Women’s Day

My blog is apparently catching on as it appears that everyone is starting to join in on the celebrations with so many people joining in on International Women’s Day.  Happy International Women’s Day!  I could not find my red lipstick today, but I hope that everyone found their own way to celebrate this important holiday.

For me, I made a point to wish every woman I spoke with today a Happy International Women’s Day.  This simple gesture lead to an unexpected yet totally expected outcome, some debate and some learning.  First, the question was what this day was specifically for- celebrate women everywhere day or celebrate women that are international.  But before that question could be answered, you have to decide what it means to be international and a woman.  International means some thing that is related to at least 2 countries.  For women, does this mean any woman that is from one country and at least currently residing in another country?  This would make the foreign exchange student that stayed with you during high school an international woman (assuming they were a woman of course).  Or does someone have to share dual citizenship to be considered international?  Maybe it is much simpler than that.  Maybe a person just needs to live somewhere but have an accent from somewhere else to be international.  This would make that guy at work, who always uses a fake British accent whenever the new temp from payroll comes around in an attempt to woo her, international.  The bigger question of what makes a woman is one that is for someone else to tackle in their blog.

The women that read my blog are probably cringing at this point because we all know that this is a holiday meant to mark the great steps forward that women as a group and as individuals have made.  Of course, there are still many improvements that can be made on a global stage which is why it is still important to celebrate days like today.

To add to the debate of today, I discovered a major difference between men and women.  I grabbed a quick breakfast with two girls I work with, G and O.  While waiting for the elevator, a woman walked by with a nice pair of shoes.  The girls commented on the shoes and not wanting to be left out of the conversation I too looked at the shoes.  The girls then asked me if I knew who it was.  I realized at that moment that by looking at her shoes, I had completely ignored who the person was.  I never once looked at her face.  This led me to the only possible conclusion that I could draw.  Men are faced with a daily decision whenever they meet a woman.  It is not whether to be chivalrous or chauvinistic (NSFW).  The choice is much more pure than that.  The choice is to look at her face or her shoes because clearly a man cannot do both.  Science has shown that men are not as good at multitasking (probably NSFW) as women.  O realized that it must be true.  This is why the President’s daughter in The American President tells him to comment on her shoes!  So girls, if you want a guy to realize that you are up here and not down there, maybe you should stop wearing such flashy shoes.  Just a thought!

I decided to bust out the guitar and play a little song dedicated to all the women out there today.  Enjoy!

Today was also Be Nasty Day, a day that is entirely devoted to just being cruel to people.  I considered celebrating this holiday too until I realized that I work mostly with girls.  With today being International Women’s Day, I do not know if I would have made it to my next blog post if I was mean to them on their day.  To make up for it, I did think some pretty mean thoughts of the guy that bumped me on the metro.  Take that guy on the metro!

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