Napping Day

What happens when you spend too much of napping day napping?  You have to post a ridiculously short blog post before running to work the next day.  Go me!  Sleeping is important, but so many of us do not get enough.  We have busy lives filled with things like commuting, eating, brushing our teeth, and sometimes even more.  So let us play with a hypothetical question…

You just started writing your novel, an exciting book about a boy that falls in love with a vampire but is also in love with his best friend who is the descendant of the blob, and you are so engaged by the story that you are staying up well past your bed time of 8 o clock, leaving you very tired at work the next day.  Whatever will you do?  Get in a quick cat nap of course.  Here are some handy tricks for the next time you need a little shut eye while shut in at work.

  • Cut out fake eyes and place them on the inside of your glasses.  Of course, you could simply wear sun glasses and claim pink eye but then you would have to skip out on the company pool party later.
  • Tape your phone to your hand and set your head on the same hand. Prerecord a message of you talking frustrated to someone on the phone. Press play and bury your face in your other hand.  When your boss walks by, it will sound like you are arguing with a caller on the phone.
  • Set up a folder around your head like you did in grade school when taking a test to help prevent cheating.  No one will be able to tell you are sleeping or copy your answer to number 12. (It’s D by the way)
  • In case you are well hidden from view but worry sleeping sounds will give you away, tell everyone about the new app you bought on your phone called “The Snoring App.” But say you have not quite figured out how to turn it off so if they hear snoring it is just the phone.  Problem solved.
  • Set up this premade sign reading “Shhh. Testing in progress.” That will definitely stop your boss from rudely interrupting you.
  • Drop your pen on the floor and exclaim “Ahhh. That was my favorite pen. I have to find it whatever the cost.”  It may take some time to make that phrase sound believable so do not be afraid to practice at home.  Once you have said that phrase convincingly, you can dive under your desk and sleep at least ten minutes.  If your coworkers still question you, mention that the pen is a sneaky pen. I’d recommend keeping at least one pillow under your desk because computer wires are not as comfy as they look which isn’t very comfy looking to begin with.
  • Bring in a few cookies and email every coworker you know this message, “I made delicious cookies but I only made enough for ten of you. Let the fifth annual hunger games begin.” In the chaos that will break out, you are sure to get at least a couple of minutes rest.  This will not work for people that struggle to sleep during light battle sounds. Extra credit: If you want to get at least thirty minutes more napping time out of your cookies, set out a few weapons to0 and let hunger reign supreme.
  • Turn off the lights claiming your migraine will not go away but you love work so much you cannot go home.
  • A March themed idea is claiming that you think you heard a leprechaun and everyone must stay quiet with the lights off to try and catch it. Wishes are at stake. Maybe you could wish for nap time. In fact…
  • Next option. Catch a leprechaun. Wish for world wide nap time
  • Just lay out on your desk. Pillow. Blanket. Soothing ocean sounds. You did not like your job anyway. Go big or go home, literally, as you will probably get fired.

Hope you all had success getting in a nap yesterday as well as every day from now on.  If anyone actually tries any of these, make sure to comment below.

March 12 was also Alfred Hitchcock day, the brilliant movie maker known for his original stories, captivating characters, and masterful suspense.  From recreating the movie genre to re-imagining the movie trailer, he was a true pioneer and visionary.  If you have never seen one of his movies, I highly recommend you pick one out soon and take a walk in to his wonderful world.  In honor of him, I have decided to recreate one of his all-time greatest movies.  But since you cannot produce an Alfred Hitchcock movie in a couple hours on a Monday night, I am issuing a challenge.  I will create a semi-feature length short film reproduction starring just me of one of the best Alfred Hitchcock movies if my blog can reach 1000 views by the end of March.  As of this moment, we are at 439 so almost half way there!  I will give you one more hint on what movie I will make… it is one of the ones starring James Stewart.  So let’s make this happen!

What is your favorite Alfred Hitchcock moment?

I also quickly celebrated Girl Scout Day by eating some thin mints.  Score.

One thought on “Napping Day

  1. Even though this one was quickly written up, I thought it was hilarious. The best one was go big or go home, literally. Haha. Thanks for making my Metro ride enjoyable! It’s too short to nap so I read your blog instead. 🙂

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