You Can’t Handle The Truth

Webster’s Dictionary defines a true confession as “Something that most people do not usually write on a blog for the world to see.”  March 15 was True Confession Day.  Let’s be honest, everyone’s favorite subject is themselves.  Theodore Reik claimed that there was a “compulsion to confess” as people desired to tell the stories of their lives through confessions.  Of course, we do try to hide the elements of our lives that might invite rejection by others but more often than not we are willing to confess our true feelings.

Here is my confession for the day: This very holiday gives me a severe case of writer’s block.  To remedy this action, I have found ten random confessions from all over the internet.  I will let these complete stranger’s confessions be your reading for today.  If any of the people that wrote these confessions are reading my blog today, thank you for your contribution as guest bloggers!  I have attempted to fix their grammar and punctuation, although, I know, that my, punctuation skills; are not-always perfect.  Let me also say that I had to skip through way more confessions that I care to admit because most of them were pretty dirty… awkward…

  1. I’m 29, female, and still suck my thumb. I don’t care if I ever stop.
  2. I made my ex-husband beneficiary of my life insurance policy. My ex has no idea, and neither does my new husband.
  3. My girlfriend likes crosswords more than me.
  4. I ate playdough today.
  5. I cried more when my cat died than when my mom died.  I think I am a bad person.
  6. I get so angry when people say they don’t like The Beatles when they’ve only head two or three songs.  The Beatles are timeless and if you listen to how they progressed you would see that you ignorants!
  7. My milkshake never brought any boys to the yard. 😦
  8. I get this crazy, tingly feeling when I see sheep.
  9. I spoke about fight club… twice
  10. I have used cough syrup in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.

March 15 was also the Ides of March.  This is the day that Julius Caesar was killed in 44 B.C.  He is known for making critical steps in forming the Roman Empire.  He was stabbed by 60 conspirators 23 times and killed in the Theater of Pompey.  I guess some of the conspirators missed.  Billy Shakespeare wrote a play that detailed the March 15th death of Julius Caesar and for those of you that have never experienced the story, I have put together a quick 1 minute and less than 30 second video to catch you up on the story of Julius Caesar.  Oh ya, and the role of Julius Caesar is played by a noodle.  Enjoy!


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