I Have A Question Or Two

Why is this post not exclusively about Pi Day?  Well, that is a great question!  And why is that a great question?  Because today is “Ask a Question Day!”  So leave the Pi at the door and let’s embark on a good old question and answer.  First I will ask all of the questions I could think of and then I will list all of the answers I could think of… Ready?  Leggo!


  1. How much wood could a wood chuck chuck?
  2. Why do people stand right in the doorway when you try to exit the elevator?
  3. Who decided ice cubes should mainly be cubes? Why not circles so that the edges are less likely to break?
  4. Why is it acceptable for a man to be on the bachelor and make out with multiple women but taboo for a straight man to watch it… even if only to see the pretty girls on the show?
  5. Who would win in a fight: Luke Skywalker or Captain Kirk?
  6. Follow up question: who would win in checkers: R2D2 or Spock?
  7. At what age is it no longer acceptable to hang posters of Disney child actors on your walls?
  8. If the girl from Poltergeist saw Poltergeist in theaters, do you think she sat first row?
  9. If sitting down is bad for you, why does it feel so right?
  10. Who ever decided it made sense to trash your neighborhood to celebrate something? Seems counterproductive to me.
  11. People ask me about delaying their retirement all the time and looking at my own retirement in like fifty years I ask “why would anyone want to delay retirement any longer?”
  12. Who decided bacon should be on potato skins? Give them a medal
  13. Why can singers forget the words and make millions but writers are expected to get them all right for less?
  14. Which is less cool: a bike with a basket or a bike with training wheels?
  15. If shoes were meant to be tied, why is slipping them on so convenient?
  16. Whoever decided wearing a long piece of fabric around your neck was dressing up? Isn’t that how hangings started?
  17. Have you ever attempted to drift in your car before you realized you drove a mini van?
  18. What would happen if everyone walked backwards for a day?
  19. Who decided sock matching mattered?
  20. Is there a place in hell where you are continuously offered fresh girl scout cookies and forced to turn them down?
  21. What restaurant really makes the best slice of pizza in the world?
  22. How many adults do you have to gather to play laser tag before its not weird to shoot 12 year olds running around?
  23. Why don’t homeless people take 12 bucks and spend the whole day in a country buffet instead of just riding the metro?
  24. Why does anyone set a speed limit if it really seems to mean go 10 mph slower or faster?
  25. Could official basketball hoops be set to 7 feet so more people could dunk? What happened to equal opportunities for all?
  26. If the FDA wanted us to eat more vegetables, why have they not made them smell like pizza?
  27. What is causing the death of chivalry?
  28. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?
  29. Why can’t all drinks be served in slushie form?
  30. What’s your favorite color?
  31. Whats the craziest animal you have ever had the courage to touch? (your high school girlfriend does not count)
  32. Who decided lying dying flowers on a dead body was a good idea for celebrating a person’s life?
  33. We have HOV lanes. can we have TDO, texting drivers only?  The lanes could have big walls between their lane and my lane
  34. If not texting, then how about just a Teenage Driver Lane?
  35. How do North Carolina fans suck it up to root for Coach K during Team USA Basketball time?
  36. How many more trees would we have killed if we had never invented texting?
  37. How many trees have we killed doing surveys and writing articles about texting?
  38. When a sign says “no turn when pedestrians are present,” how close is “present”?
  39. Am I allowed to park in the “future residents” spot at apartment buildings if I cannot afford to live there but just want to see how the other side lives?
  40. Why can’t all job interviews be as fun as the Celebrity Apprentice?
  41. How many nerds actually ended up marrying a head cheerleader after high school and is there a website the rest of us can join? (High School Hierarchy say what?)
  42. Do people think its weird to buy trash bags, carry them home in a bag, and then throw that bag in to the trash can? Recycle!
  43. What is the best word that starts with the letter T?
  44. Where will we all be in ten years?
  45. What is the meaning of life?
  46. Is the American Dream lost?
  47. Why did McDonald‘s really take the small fry off the dollar menu?
  48. Has Santa Claus ever had frost bite?
  49. What really happens when you wish upon a star?
  50. Would you get on a sail boat tomorrow and travel around the world?
  51. If you are in a car, in the middle of the woods, with no one around, and a fork in the road, do you signal?
  52. The Zombie Apocalypse has started.  What is the first thing that you grab?
  53. The Zombie Apocalypse has ended.  What is the first fast food franchise you reopen?
  54. If you could star in any movie, what movie and character would you be?
  55. What’s the craziest thing you have done lately?
  56. Is this enough questions?


This blog post is getting long.  Check out all my answers here.  Feel free to leave comments and answer some of the questions yourself.

And now for the celebration of Pi Day.

I decided to create a recipe inspired by Pi and a couple of recipes I found online.  Check out my recipe below, which I also made and enjoyed for the holiday.


Ingredients for crust

3 cups of flour

Point of yeast

1 warm cup of water

4 half tablespoons of olive oil

1 teaspoon sugar

A.  Preheat the oven to four hundred and twenty five degrees.  Mix the yeast, water, and sugar in a bowl.  Allow it to sit for the first portion of an hour or until milky.

B.  Pour in the flour, olive oil, and a smidget of salt for good measure.  Whisk it all together.  Let sit for 5 minutes.

C.  Spread the dough out on to a greased pan and flatten in to a circle.  Grab your favorite sauce and spread out 9 spoonfuls on the dough along with any other toppings.

D.  Place the pizza in the oven for 2 minutes then 6 minutes then 5 minutes then 3 minutes then 5 more minutes until golden brown.

E.  Cut your pizza into 8 slices.

Now you have a pizza that I could eat for 9 lives and 7 days a week.


3 thoughts on “I Have A Question Or Two

  1. Okay, here are my answers.

    1. A woodchuck would chuck all the wood if only a woodchuck could.
    2. People are awkward. People do this on the Metro, too!
    3. Someone who wasn’t thinking outside the box.
    4. It is not taboo, it’s just funny.
    5. Duh, Luke Skywalker. He has the Force on his side!
    6. Really? R2!
    7. I’d say 14/high school.
    8. No.
    9. Because when you sit, your back and your legs make a RIGHT angle.
    10. It is an ancient Greek custom.
    11. Well, if retirement = death, I want to delay retirement, too!
    12. Word.
    13. I don’t know. How do I know all the words to songs the singers don’t know?!
    14. A bike with training wheels. A bike with a basket is cute, and Dorothy rocked it.
    15. Not all shoes are meant to be tied. And I can’t slip on my sneakers. 😦
    16. You win this one.
    17. n/a
    18. We’d all run into each other… backwards.
    19. Ralph Lauren.
    20. Yeah, but it’s on Earth, and it’s called “I’m on a diet.”
    21. Antonella’s in New York!
    22. One, as long as he is Barney Stinson.
    23. They can also be 4G hotspots now, too.
    24. Not setting a speed limit would just be promoting lawlessness!!
    25. I’m only 5’1″ so, really, that’s not going to help me.
    26. ……….
    27. The fact that no one can spell it (except you).
    28. One, two-oo, three.
    29. Because that would take away the specialness of the slushie.
    30. Pink!
    31. An alligator.
    32. Valid question, I don’t really have an answer, other than we sort of use flowers for every occasion–we celebrate love with dying flowers, too!–so it was probably just a holdover.
    33. Agreed!!
    34. Also agreed.
    35. Uh, sure?
    36. See question #28.
    37. Too many. Save the rainforest!
    38. I’ve always wondered this myself. I try to think of it as, “If a cop were here, what we he get mad at me for?”
    39. Yes.
    40. They might be if you’re a washed-up celebrity. Maybe that’s your problem.
    41. That’s why they invented Facebook, so we could all learn the truth that that actually never happens.
    42. I recycle! Those are my lunch bags.
    43. Define best–best definition, most fun to say?
    44. The year 2022.
    45. 42.
    46. No.
    47. LOL, because they want to make more money. By replacing the small fries and small coke with ice cream items, they think people will spend money on “dinner”–burger, fries, coke–then see cheap ice cream and buy that, too, for dessert.
    48. No. He is Santa.
    49. The star you’re wishing on is probably already dead, but the light is still seen by Earthlings because of the distance/speed of light conundrum humdrum.
    50. No, I get seasick too earily.
    51. Yes. Force of habit!
    52. Probbaly my cat. She’s pretty fiesty, but I wouldn’t want her to run away and get lost.
    53. Taco Bell. Hello, Fourth Meal!
    54. Gone with the Wind, Scarlett O’Hara. Or Jo from Little Women.
    55. Answer all these questions.
    56. Yes.

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