And we’re back!!!

And we’re back…. first an apology.  I had a rough week and knew that posting on the blog each day would not have been in the best interests of the integrity of the blog or in the enjoyment of the reader.  Today is officially March 30th and while I enjoyed the month of celebrations (while admittedly missing a few towards the end), I realized that my blog could not be so easily summed up as a “Celebration of Celebrations” blog.  I wanted to be able to do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted.  Just as a chef is able to be given the same three ingredients and dependent on their mood and their inspiration make vastly crazy yet delicious dishes.  I want my blog to have the same three ingredients that have made it enjoyable for different peopel: the links, the written word, and of course the videos.  If you stick with me over the coming weeks, I intend to celebrate more holidays of the months, touch on some special interest topics, go on some adventures, post some feature length short films, some creative projects and maybe even have some input from everyone out there for posts.  I cannot promise a post every day, but I can promise that the posts I do create will be thoughtful, enjoyable, and heavily laden with the sarcasm you know and love.

So buckle up because you never know when the mEssy Chef might stop by a kitchen, a computer, or a smart phone near you.

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